The following systems has been designed:
WRAPLOCK® Tie is for securing conductors to insulators on longer-span rural construction, which is likely to encounter aeolian vibration.

Distribution Tie is for shorter-span urban construction, protecting conductors from abrasion while securing them in the top groove of headstyle insulators.

Side Tie safely secures conductors in the side groove of insulators.

Dead-end is for bare neutral messengers of self-supporting cable used in
making service drops.

GUY-GRIP® is for terminating down guys on distribution lines.


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ARMOR-GRIP® Suspension Unit

Trunnion ARMOR-GRIP® Suspension Unit

Vertical Bundling Link for Twin Conductor Suspension


Armored Road Crossing TWIN-TIES


Side and Spool Ties

Armor Rods

Line Guards

Armor Splice

Line Splice

Full Tension Line Splice


Conductor Cleaning Brush

Parallel Groove Clamps

Dead End

Aluminium Alloy Thimble Clevis

Cast Aluminium Thimble Clevis with Clamping Assembly

Cast Aluminium Thimble Clevis – 40kN Assembly

Thimble Regulating Eye


Thimble Clevis Malleable Iron

Thimble Socket

Helical Arching Horn


Pole Top Make-off

Pulling Eye (Red Devil)

Insulated Stay

Double-Wrap GUY-GRIP®

Spiral Vibration Damper High Impact PVC

Lashing Rods

Earth Guard

PVC Spacer

Pigtail Bolt Assembly

Pig Tail Bolts

Pistol Grip Aluminium Strain Clamp (Pistol Type)

Aluminium Suspension Clamp (Cradle Type)


Threaded Rod Assemblies

Eye Bolts

Eye Nuts


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